Good morning, how did CCPA’s first month of enforcement treat you?

Now that July has come and gone, Facebook’s default opt-in to keep advertisers compliant is no longer in effect. As we reported last week, your Facebook campaigns may no longer be CCPA compliant, so be sure to check your pixel settings.

To dig into the CCPA fallout for Facebook advertisers, specifically, I’ll be chatting with Simon Poulton VP of digital intelligence at WPromote and Akvile Defazio, president of AKvertise, on Live With Search Engine Land this Friday. We’ll talk about how Facebook is addressing CCPA compliance, what advertisers are seeing and how to adjust your own campaigns. Sign up to join us live and get your questions answered. 

Privacy regulation is just one area causing disruption for digital advertisers. The moves Apple and Google are making to limit third-party cookies and cross-site tracking threaten much of ad tech’s standard operating procedures. 

To present a united voice and push for global standards across browsers and operating systems, leading ad industry trade groups, agencies, advertisers, vendors and publishers have formed the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media

Will this give the industry the leverage it’s looking for over Apple and Google to get them to come around to their way of thinking? It’s a tall order, but the outcome will affect every advertiser and agency — big and small.

Keep reading for a Pro Tip on gathering and using feedback to inform your content and more. 

Ginny Marvin,

Pro Tip

Fine-tuning feedback optimization for content marketing

I discovered that users’ comments on the posts themselves not only provide great supplemental content that may help the page rank, but also offer amazing insight into how to further optimize the content, said Abby Reimer, senior SEO analyst at Uproer. 

I call this “Feedback Optimization” – the process of using readers’ comments to improve a piece of content for relevancy and user intent. 

Doing this improved a top query’s click-through-rate (CTR) by +96% P/P with no change in ranking position. Intrigued? 

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5 critical elements for local marketing success

This guide from MarTech Today examines the market for local marketing solutions and the 5 critical elements for local marketing success: Listing Management, Local SEO, Local Landing Pages, Reputation Management, and Paid Search and Social Media. Also included are profiles of 17 leading local marketing solution vendors and capabilities comparisons.

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Search Shorts

Google rendering, Google Ads and Zapier, paywalled content and more.

Google on rendering and measurement.  Martin Splitt from Google took a deep dive on Twitter around the topic of how Google renders and then measures what it renders.

Google Ads and Zapier. Google Ads now works with Zapier, Google said “you no longer need to manually upload, sort, or remove contacts from a list – it will automatically upload contact details from your customer relationship management system, marketing automation, or ecommerce tool to Google Ads.”

Yoast sitemaps. Yoast said if you are using the new native WordPress sitemaps feature, Yoast will deactivate its own sitemap on your site.

Paywalled content in Google. Danny Sullivan of Google went off on why it should not label or filter out paywalled content in Google search.


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